Sunday, August 1, 2010

End of July Update

So July is over and just giving a quick update.

I went from grinding 2$//180 full time to grinding the 12//180s halfway through the month and so far I've been doing pretty well in these. But in about 20 days I've only managed to get in 906 games of 12//180s because of my shallow bankroll and my lack of ability to deal with downswing ( rough patches). Its tough to grind 100+ games a day when the swings are 1000$+, some days I would brick 40 games straight and be discourage to play anymore that day.

Overall I'm not very satisfied with my result this month because I feel like I could be doing a lot better, considering poker is now my full time job, playing 900 games in 20 days just doesnt cut it. There will be some changes in August, will try to put it more volume and also try some things on the side. On top of poker, I would also like to get back on track with my work out routine. Looking forward to this month!

1.) play 1750 games of 12//180
2.) Restart p90x and this time follow through.
3.) Side project ( 1000 games )
4.) 6k profit overall.

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