Thursday, September 2, 2010

August Update & September goals

First things first, I failed to reach the goals I made last month, every single one of them. I'm very disappointed at myself and have absolutely no excuses, I messed up. I was lazy and unmotivated and if I don't change my attitude soon, I wont be able to make it as a professional poker player.

Failed Goals:

1.) Only played around 1.2k games on stars, 500 short of my goal.
2.) Didnt do p90x....
3.) Only played 200 games on Tilt ( which was my side project ), wayyy short here but 1k was probably not very realistic.
4.) Only generated around 4k profit instead of 6k.

New Goals for September:

1.) 1750 games on Stars. ( Same as last month )
2.) Work out as much as I can.. ( trying to be realistic here )
3.) 750 Games On Tilt
4.) 5k Profit.

Will try my hardest to reach all these goals this month.

Now onto non poker related things. The Rainman Poker mansion is officially done for now, there were only 4 of us left ( 5 including channing ) by the end of August and the rent + utilities were about 8k//Month. Nick decided that it was not worth it and we all moved out. The remaining students ( myself, jp, and Snowman ) moved into a two bedroom apartment near Strip while Nick and Channing also got one for themselves in the same apartment complex. Moving was extremely tiring and hopefully I dont have to do that again any time soon. I Finally got the grind station and internet set up today and I'm as motivated as ever to get started on the grind. Now that I have bills to pay , I gotta work extra hard to maintain my current lifestyle. I hope I can make it because I really don't want to move back home, I love being out on my own and in order to keep doing that, I must be financially successful. Anyways, wish me LUCK!


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