Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May Update 1

So far this months Ive only played around 700 sng 180s. I started off really strong playing two sessions of 50 games everyday for like a week then I started sleeping late//waking up late and only play 1 session so I got to fix that. To be successful at poker, I got to treat it like a job so therefore I must have good work ethic. Many people believe that playing poker professionally gives you a lot of freedom, which is true in some sense but it also means that we have no restriction. Nobody will tell us to get to work if we dont want to, so its actually something you must be good at if you ever decide to be a professional poker player, you gotta make sure its work before play and not abuse the freedom.

Anyways, to the more interesting stuff. I've been doing poorly in the 0-5$ buy in SNG this month which is majority of what I play since I dont think i'm rolled//skilled enough to play all 12$ 180s. I'm having like a 20% ROI in these games which I'm really not satisfied with. For some reason I can ship the 3.3$+ rebuy at all. On the other hand, only 10% of my games are the 12$ 180s and I manage to ship 2 1st and 2 end place finish so far, its the only thing keeping me at a 50% roi overall. Also came really close to a 7.50$ MTT finishing 10th place losing AA to 10Qo!! Oh well, hopefully I get to raise my ROI in the 0-5$ category and keep running hot at the 12$, oh and let me ship a MTT too, that would be nice =)

Gl at the tables

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