Saturday, May 8, 2010

The beginning

So on April I decided to begin playing poker full time and take it seriously. I have been planning to do this for a while but some shit happened in my life which postpone it from happening. Anyways, I moved into my friends house in Irvine so I can get out of my comfort zone and grow some good habits here, both poker and health; Waking up early and grind, Exercise daily, and eating regularly. So far it has been pretty good, I've been waking up early, exercising and eating more than when I lived back home. As for poker, I managed to get 1800 games in during April with a lil over 500$ profits. Now I know that doesn't sound much but I don't look at it that way, to me that was a good start, the fact that I was up was good enough for me because I was still in the getting use to multi-tabling phase. I could've been up 2k if I just grinded the 2$ and 3.3$+ r 180s but I added in the 12$ in my game which I didnt do so well in last month, but I was okay with it. As I get more and more experienced I'm sure I would make more and more money. I spent 180$ of my 500 profit from April and enrolled myself in the Rainman program ( which I was originally in but kicked out due to inactivity because of personal issues ). This is a great opportunity for me to grow as a player and learn from few of the best 180 grinders in the world. I'm looking forward to this experience and will keep improving. Right now I just gotta stay positive, getting use to the poker swings//variance and learn how to play the best poker that I can every time I play.

Goals for May:
1.) play more games than I did during April, so 2000 or more games.
2.) Attend every single Rainman Webinar, and review some of my own HH to fix my leaks.
3.) Win a seat to the MAIN EVENT
4.) P90 everyday, no skipping!

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