Monday, November 1, 2010

October update + Supernova Chase Update

October was a pretty solid month, had the best results since I've started playing poker professionally in both volumes and profits. However, I was not very satisfied with my poker ethic. More than 70% of my volume and profits were from the first 11 days of the month, and I slacked off afterwards due to a long break even stretch//downswings instead of playing through it like a real pro. I really need to develop a strong work ethic so I can just grind through these rough patches a bit faster and make a lot more cheese. So in order to train my weakness ( my mentality toward swings), I've decided to stick to a schedule with less variance so I could build up my confidence. I'm going to be grinding mainly the 3.30$+R//12$ 180s in the morning with very few 36$ 180s and the $2//12$ 180 + 6$/45 at night. By sticking to the games that I'm pretty sure I'm beating and putting in tons of volumes day after day, I should be able to avoid major swings and the long break even stretch. Hopefully I can get about 5000 games in with this new schedule along with some solid profits.

Now onto my quest to Supernova. I've set my mind on reaching Supernova at around mid October after I realized how big of a difference it will make in terms of rakeback. Supernova gives a 30.8 % rakeback compare to platinum stars 22%, thats almost 9% more! It might not sound like its a lot but a 9% increase in my rakeback for my regular month would be around 250-300$, it's enough to pay for half of my rent! Anyways, I've earned close to 20k Vpp this month which put me at about 53k Vpps total for this year. In order to reach Supernova, I need 47k Vpps more by the end of the year. I'm going to work very hard during November and try to earned 27k Vpps so I can have some breathing room during December. In order to earn 27k Vpps playing the 180s I will need about 5000-6000 games so I will have no time to slack off, will work my ass off because it will well worth it when I hit that Supernova status with the Red stars =).

Overall it was a pretty fun month, JPeazy's friend Josh came in town to visit and stayed with us for the last week of October. He's trying out the real grinder lifestyle out here in Vegas just to see if he can make it and might decide to move out here with us next year, I'm looking forward to it and will need to start looking for a house with 3-4 bedrooms if Josh does decide to come back for good. It was also Snowman's birthday on the 30th so we celebrated it Vegas style by hitting the Clubs at the Palms, it was pretty crazy and everybody had a blast. I'm looking forward to another good month!

Gl at the tables ya'll.


  1. I think it's a common problem amongst poker players where we play less when we're winning and play more when we're losing. GL with the SuperNova quest

  2. I think I'm the opposite though, I played more when I was having solid results and started to play less and less when I started having break even stretches.