Monday, October 4, 2010

Wake up call

To be honest, I'm pretty disappointed at myself. Once again I failed to reach my goals and have nobody to blame but myself. I kept setting these goals because I thought they will motivate me, but in reality, I gotta motivate myself. I'm glad that I decided to stay out here in Vegas on my own instead of going back home, it made me realize what a mess I am in life. I've not always been like this, I use to be pretty hardworking and follow through with my goals. I guess sometime during my college yrs I became lazy and unmotivated, which explains a lot.

No more setting goals and all that crap this month, I'm just gonna grind my ass off. Have a small prop bet with Vertek and Fried Liver on who can make the most profit in sng this month so hopefully I can take that down for some extra cheese. I started this month with strong volume and results and I will make it last. Shipped a small 16$ turbo mtt tonight so I was pretty happy about that. I haven't had a mtt win in a while so it felt really good, even though its just a small one. I'm pretty fortunate to have Jpeazy and Snowman living with me because they are both very discipline grinders, and it really helps me to grind in this environment.

Gl at the tables everyone.

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